Scalera tips: How NOT to change your actor’s state

Intedezting, as a newbie, I would have done it wrong


A common key when working with Akka, is modifying properly our actor’s state. If we jog our memory, this framework paradigm allows us to program modeling the concurrency based on actors and message passing. From that base, we could define an actor as a computing unit that may have state and perform tasks based on messages that it will receive through its mailbox and that will be processed sequentially .

That means that, in order to avoid side effects, the actor’s state modification has to take place when processing a message. So senseful so far. However, it’s a pretty common mistake to do something similar to this:

In this case, we have no more warranty that the state change (whose only responsible of keeping it consistent and thread safe is the actor) might cause side efects given that, in the precise moment where the Future modifies the var, it’s…

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